Flow control protection for homes, boats, and RV's

Freezing and overheating of fluids are a problem every home, RV, and boat owner is concerned about.  Our freeze protection line of products give you peace of mind before you leave the house as well as while you are away from the house and in your RV or boat in all kinds of weather.

Flow control for cars, buses, and other transportation related vehicles 

Many  buses, coaches,  trains and other vehicles have some type of fluid running throughout the vehicle. When vehicles are in yards for service or repairs fluid in the tanks and lines can freeze or overheating resulting in cracked lines. Using our freeze protection valves will prevent the sitting fluids from causing any freeze or over temperature damage to the lines or tanks. 

Flow control for pier fluid supplies

Shipbuilding and yacht docks have fluid supply lines and fire control lines that are vulnerable to various weather conditions. Our valves are able to provide valuable protection to prevent lines from freezing and overheating the fluid flowing through those pipes. Even if these lines have electric or steam tracing our valves should be installed as back-up to the primary solution. 

Solar hot water system freeze and over-temp protection

Solar hot water panels can freeze and exceed hot water temperatures recommended by the 

manufacturer..  Our valves protect the solar panels themselves from allowing the water inside the panels from getting too hot, including close to boiling water temperatures and causing the solar panels and associated pipes from melting.